Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Shopping+Tattoos= Good Times

So the day before yesterday I met up with my friend Bobby Jay to see him get tattooed on Hollywood Blvd. I hadnt been to the boulevard in a while which is weird because I use to hang out there everyday when I was a teenager, but It's definitely changed- everything has. I guess because its still summer over here there's a shitload of tourists, and if your a local it can be annoying sometimes. Seeing my friend get tattooed kind of renewed my love for it, and I even asked how much it would cost for a dime sized tattoo-when he said $80 I laughed in his face, so he lowered the price. But I feel like if you come to get tattooed on Hollywood Blvd your doing it more for the "prestige" and less for the actual artwork. Anywho I've decided to get tattooed finally in about two weeks, you'll have to wait for the vlog I'll film for it! Later that day I randomly went into the Forever21 on Highland not expecting to find anything appealing, because I never do! But to my surprise I went nuts- loving all their fall and winter stuff. So heres the things I chose, trust me I tried ALOT of clothes on, and thats really the trick with Forever21 clothes, you gotta take advantage of the dressing rooms! Also I subscribed to Nylon again lol. As for the barbie pink velvet hangers I bought them yesterday at "Fallas Paredes" (a discount store) only $3.99 for a set of 10!! not bad eh? OH BEFORE I FORGET I made a new youtube video CLICK THIS :) I THINK YOU'LL LIKE IT :) annnnd THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO WISHED ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST ♡♡♡you cheered me up with all your comments especially LaSophia omg I laughed so hard at that story LMAO.
(sorry for the long post but had alot to share)

as always,

xoxo- Evee