Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I got an Instagram last night. Might not be a big deal for alot of people but shit I never I thought I'd get with the technology of these times, its just too much sometimes. I guess I'm a hypocrite because I have a blog. Whatever. I'm at the laundryomat right cuz they got free wi-fi and I'm too broke to afford internet right now. But somehow I got an Iphone 2 days ago...well there goes that hypocrisy again..ahh I'm full of contradictions today, doing my laundry in hollyhood but blogging on a mac laptop. wtf -___-
Isnt that the American way though? living past our means is what the "keeping up with the johnson's" analogy is about. keep it real doe.
Anywayyy my follow me on Instagram -that would be cool.

Here's some music to send to off from the one and only mothafuckin freaky prince$$. she's inspiring me these days.