Saturday, October 16, 2010


So I havent posted in a while, i apologize. Life hasnt been easy on me lately I've been feeling like all this crap has been piling up on me and I have no shovel to get it the fuck outta my way.LOL. At least I still have a sense of humor, thank god. I have tried to get back into my spirituality, my dad was a buddhist interestingly enough so he passed along some of his wisdom to me, yet I still cant find the inner strength to overcome my depression sometimes. I think about maybe trying meds but I have a huge reluctance because I dont even take simple aspirin when i have a headache! Not to get too into it but some of you guys know I have a small 10 month old child and I'm a single mom. I got pregnant when I was 19 years old and I never planned on having kids. Right now I'm trying my best to raise my son by myself but it's definitely an enourmous challenge everyday. If this story can serve you in any way I hope it encourages you to protect and respect your body and be cautious of what people say, rather judge them by actions. Thank you for reading.


  1. Life is hard alone, let alone with a child. I grew up around many single mothers and I can tell you that Everything happens for a reason.

    You have to find the time to appreciate yourself for all that you have been through. Just because this happened or that does not define who you are. Sometimes you have to just drop everything and start minute by minute day by day.

    Your true self worth is yet to be discovered and it's bigger than any other existing thing in this world.....