Friday, July 22, 2011

Gwen Stefani x Target + OOTD

I read the other day that Gwen Stefani is launching an expansion of her Harajuku Lovers line for Target called Harajuku Mini. The line is designed for none other than our precious mini-me's -kids! It meant to be an "affordable Japanese anime inspired" line for babies and tweens. It debuts November 13 with budget-friendly prices from $3.99 - $29.99. Personally I love how gwen dresses her older boy Kingston, hes soo punk! I'm definitely checking out what she has to offer for my little Jacob. Since this post is a little different  I thought I might as well show you some of the latest additions to Jake's wardrobe!
Blue onesie-The children's place/ Jeans-cherokee/ camo vest-vintage Guess & Shorts Target but bought at LA kid boutique "Grow Kid Grow"

 Now on to my outfit of the day...considering I didnt go out today LOL comfy is key when chillin at home with my spawn- ya' know?! Anywho check out my sweet Lisa Simpson tee twas' only $3.99 at a discount store named Fallas Paredes (its pretty ghetto but they have good stuff sometimes) its similar to Ross for those who've never heard of it. I paired it with my high waisted denim shorts from LoveCulture-which i actually bought at another discount store for $2.99 OH YEAH! TOTAL OUFIT COST=$7.00= WINNING!

BTW I'm working on trying to get some decent pictures taken again soon so bear with me plz ;) and thanks you to all those who have recently followed and those who read and comment, YOU ROCK!


  1. OMG I love HARAJUKU LOVERS! U dont even know. Will most def have to get pregnant when that line drops haha. You and your lil spawn are so cute. haha "chilling at home with my spawn." That cracked me up! Oh and I really like your Lisa Simpson tee! work it.

  2. thanks sophia me too! haha aww i hope you do youll have one stylish baby :)

  3. wow im def gonna hit up target!! And you son is soo adorable and love the outfit

  4. Naw he's soo cute ! He's going to be the most stylish kid out ! :)

  5. aww he's soo cute...I love the Lisa Simpson tee

    Sam xoxo