Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thrifting & Etc. | Downtown LA Haul

Hello. So heres the stuff I picked up from the wholesale district in Downtown LA. All the clothes were thrifted costing me about $8 total- except the polka dot bustier I got at forever 21 a while back for $12. The shoes are from a store that sells $5.99 and up shoes but both mine cost $20, not bad considering I was pondering buying the Urban Outfitters Ecote Wedges that look similar for spring/summer that'll run you about $130 a pair. HAHA. thats laughable! And then today I picked up these new Revlon nail polishes which I loooove. They were about $4.99 or so but Rite Aid has really good coupons in their circular right now for $3.00 off these bad boys; therefore making them hella cheap all in all about $6 and some change for the lot. Yessss! I love couponing and thrifting, its like my new thrill in life.

                                                        ♥Au Revouir- Evee


  1. Wow I love la santee. Those shoes are dope, although I don't know how long I could last in those.

    1. yea they have so many more "fashionable" stuff now, lol, i didnt really walk in them before i bought them,i tried them on today..bad idea hahah