Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"I LOVE ROCK N' ROLL" -Joan Jett

Today was no ordinary day, neither extraordinary-but exceptional. Today was the first time I felt capable and confident in a while. I participated in a makeup competition at school despite my dislike for teamwork (Ive always liked to be solo dolo) but I learned that I am far more capable of listening to people and being open to suggestions (from others) than being so rigid and incapable of cooperating.I know this might seem rather inconsequential but for me it was a big step in self-awareness. In conjunction with my good feelings I felt popular today, if only in my imagination. My school crush had a minor conversation with me, I found two old friends on my way home, and my hard work in the competition was acknowledged-which I wholeheartedly appreciate, even though I didnt win, it didnt matter much to me. I had a good day is pretty much my point, one actually worth blogging about. Also I decided to shave my head even more, I suppose on a whim of today's endorphins. Here's a picture. And also my style is getting more rock n roll these days..idk why :) hopefully I can do a fashion post soon!

I love rock n roll

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