Friday, March 8, 2013

5:14 am

Hi. Remember me? the not so proud owner of a formerly "alive" blog? Well u weren't missing much, trust me. Nothing but a bunch of series of unfortunate events that have propelled me to breathe this very moment in, everything changes, right now. Without skipping a beat- I've moved 3 times in 6 months, 3 cities. It's been exhausting. I now realize there's a void in me, the passion i used to have for many a hobby has now become stale and stagnant. So this is my attempt to breathe new life into well- my life- and this blog. Lets get those creative energies a' flowin. Enjoy some pictures I've snapped recently and check my youtubetumblrtwitter because I've changed everything around quite a bit. I'm entertaining the idea of writing just to write, and what better subject than what I know-me. I know this sounds self-absorbed but its not, I just wanna write again! and about everything this time. not censor myself. Sex, Love, Relationshps, Anxiety, Social problems, poetry, hobbies, style, absolutely everything that engulfs this little mind I posess. Lets Do it?

btw..listening to this amazing playlist, courtesy of Amy Lee over at

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