Thursday, September 2, 2010


So Im thinking about cutting my hair short..HELLA SHORT! to me having long hair solidifies my femininity and always just makes me feel more fun playful and girly but having bleached my hair an       un-fathomable amount of times dying it purple/ red /pink and every color under the sun, lets just say I think I can for sure get a role as the the straw dude from the wizard of oz!
here are some pics of what I'm going for:
The thing is I've never in my life had short hair and i dread so much not knowing what to do/ hating it/ looking androgynous..i.e Agyness Deyn as a dude
But I'm deeply considering it since my hair is sooooooooo damaged like i said :P
Have you ever cut your hair short? Or would you dare to?
*Wish me luck* As always, your loyal blogger, Fizz<3


  1. good luck, short hair can be hot too, you just need the confidence to rock it!

  2. I like how thick kelly's hair is. I'm curious to see what you decide. Sometimes a cut is required and maybe spice up your look for fall.

  3. Loving your blog. I just came across it. I love Rihanna's short hair. Make sure to post pics if you do decide to cut your hair.

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  4. I dont think i'll ever cut my hair short, because of my face shape i dont think i'll ever look good, thats actually a good picture of Kelly because the pictures I seen, it doesnt look really flattering, her jaw is too wide, girls with thin faces look the best, you know like rihanna, victoria beckham, halle berry, etc. but im sure you can rock it =)

    by the way, im your newest follower, i love your blog

  5. I wish I have the courage to cut my hair short. I love the pixie cut like posh but I can't push myself hard enough to do it lol. I'm a chicken!

  6. I LOVE Short hair and it is so Sexy!!! I feel much Sexier and more womanly with short hair !! You have to have the confidence to rock it though!! Good Luck!!