Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hey guys! So I've had this table and a couple of other home decorating projects waiting for me assemble them for a couple days now. I got all this cool stuff on my birthday on my first trek to IKEA. If you've never been to IKEA before I really recommend it, if your into home decor and cool stuff like that! So i got about 80 bucks worth of stuff because i wanted to redo my room. As any new mom would know once you actually have the baby and they become mobile it's a whole different ball game. You have to make your surroundings as safe and practical as possible. So anywho I really enjoyed doing this project and it was surprisingly easy to put together! NO MEN OR TOOLS REQUIRED! lol

                        The table comes unassembled for 4 "table legs" and 4 dual sided screws.

The end of each leg has a hole like this! *lol*

Each side of the table has a hole where you insert the nail securely although you can only turn it twice to your right before it stops.
Make sure the nail is straight and proportionate to the leg and table or you'll end up with a crooked table!
Twist the leg all the way down and the nail will eventually dissapear into the table and inside the leg.
The last part of twisting is the hardest as you have to twist it all the way straight and give it no room for wobbles.

This is what your finished project will look like!

So I hope you guys liked my first home improvement post and found it helpful! Are you going to get this table? or are you into interior decorating?
By the way I will  be updating my blog everyday with fun and different things so make sure to check by kiddos!!! 
as always love & rockets, fizz


  1. Great post seems very easy and not bad for 7 bucks. I need a few new things around my house lol