Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Florals,Fedoras and a Band Tee

I dont know if you follow me on twitter but I tweet alot-kinda- and I let you guys know there what happened with my tuesday post. Since it was a fail-day I decided to film this quick vid instead. Ive really been liking floral shorts since its not something I would typically wear, but now Im on the hunt for some high waisted ones almost like old-timey bloomers lol. Anyway today was kind of a cool day I went to this art park with Jacob (my baby son) and there was a photoshoot going on, it was kind of exciting to see what they're like so I was being a total lurker. I ended up having a quick chat with the makeup artist and she was super nice and encouraging when I told her I wanted to become an MUA too! and now I'm considering going for some formal training, I know its not necessary but I think I would be alot more confident in my skills. Anywhoville I hope your all having a wonderful week,and expect a fashion post soon. Til' Then-Evee

spring mix

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  1. HIya i'm monzie i love the red hair and the top your wearing in your vlog great outfit!


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