Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Playlist

Lately I have been going to Goodwill alot, I can never find clothes i like but i always find good movies books and cd's. So I picked up a couple of books for only $2.50 each! I also went to a Borders near me that was closing since I guess they're bankrupt now or so Ive read. Anywho enjoi this small post of my summer reading list and current favorite songs, I'll have an actual fashion post on tuesday night. What are some of your favorite books or songs for summer?
click the song to listen!
 • foster the people-pumped up kicks
 • sublime-summertime
 • the cramps-fever
 • marina and the diamonds-I am not a robot
 • Of montreal- Jimmy [MIA cover]
 • the black keys-tighten up
 • nicki minaj-super bass
 • silversun pickups-little lovers so polite


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