Saturday, August 13, 2011

Retro Alaia


             Bustier-recycled from my friend/ BodyCon Floral Skirt-forever21/ Shoes-my moms/ Sunglasses- a friends

Hi. So when shooting this with Michelle the other day she told me I reminded her of an 80's Azzedine Alaia model. I think thats one of the best compliments EVER! If you dont know who Alaia is he's an extremely inspiring couture designer who's impecable clothes have graced the likes of Michelle Obama, Madonna,Victoria Beckham, Miley cyrus and countless others. He's known for his moniker "the king of cling" because of the body-con styles of clothing. For those of you who've seen the 90's movie "CLUELESS" -one of my faves- remember the scene when she gets mugged and the guy tells her to get on the ground, shes like" oh no this is an Alaia!" referring to her tight red dress. Anyway this goes to show you you can dress cool without having to be a millionaire to afford it.

Xoxo- EVEE


  1. You look soooo cute! I love your skirt :)

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  2. Love your outfit! Nice pictures :)

  3. pretty girl :)

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  4. that skirt is love!!! i didnt know f21 even had bodycon!!

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  6. aw you look adorable!! love the skirt!

    ps cute blog! yay for LA!