Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Secret Garden

              Charlotte Russe lace cami/ my friend's hat/ thrifted shoes/ orange lipstick with Revlon Coral Reef lipgloss

Here's a little surprise post YAY! I shot this in my secret garden (not my ladyparts lol >_<) but more like this quasi backyard. I hadn't been there in years! not since I used to smoke pot there before class in the mornings-it gave a whole new meaning to the word "Highschool" -ZING!!!! HAHA anywhoville today was chill Michelle (my photographer/ homie) and I went to the farmers market and discovered this weird fruit called dinosaur something-i forget the other fancy word-but it's a type of organic apricot,they taste really weird but good. Then we had to balance all that organic fruit with some preservatives(as part of any balanced diet of course!) so we went to Wendy's to eat some dollar menu shtuff cuz we ballin like that! inside tumblr joke ;) We managed to snap a couple of shots and all in all it was fun hanging out and being normal again. Anyway how was your day?
 Expect more fashion posts coming soon! 



  1. Super cute outfit! I love your blog and now following xoxo

  2. Love your hair in this post ! It stands out really nicely against the basic colours, LOVE IT !:)