Saturday, December 11, 2010

♡Stila Warm Glow Set Review♡

 Hey there! So a while back I made a video on youtube showing and reviewing the Stila Warm Glow Set #1, and I wasn't gonna do a follow up blog post because I thought it might be redundant but since doing the video I've changed my mind about the products.

 The set comes with mascara, a liquid eyeliner, bronzer, a mini kabuki, and a lipgloss all for $13.67 at Costco. Pretty good eh?

 The standout products are definitely the kabuki brush and the eyeliner pen! With the bronzer a close 2nd

  The bronzer scared me at first, it looks extremely orange in person but when you put it on your skin it gives a nice tan.

 The kabuki is one of the best Ive tried so far its super mini but convenient and super soft and dense. Amazeballs! I take it everywhere, you can even use it to touch up your face or blotting powder.No shedding at all so far. I now have 3 stila brushes and I have to say I'm quite impressed with the quality.

 Like I said before the standout product here is the eyeliner, its a liquid felt tip pen that is waterproof and nearly bulletproof lol! here are some swatches! I fell asleep with the eyeliner on my hand after that and it was still there the next day! Even a famous youtuber by the name"jazziebabycakes" made an entire video about this eyeliner! You get great control and lasting power. The downside is if you buy it separately it costs around $20-something bucks!
 The lipgloss is named "Harmony" and its a super sparkly light pink, looks subtle yet flirty on lips and looks soooo shimmery in the sun so dont put too much! hahah^_^ sadly I couldnt take a decent picture of it;( cute but not something worth buying on its own.

Last but not least a few words on the so called"MAJOR MAJOR LASH" Mascara...It sucks.

~Leave me a comment telling which if these you'd like to try out!~


  1. i need to start shopping at Costco more often!!!

  2. yes! they have great deals! but the thing is you always have to go regularly cuz they sell out fast!