Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Interesting Website...

So thanks to my insomnia I've been going through blogs, and bouncing from site to site, you know the usual 4:00 am youtube/twitter/facebook/blogger/etc. thing we all do. And on one of my readers blog-Gaby :)- i found this website called Business to Blogger. Its pretty much about potentially earning a bit of revenue or making potential business contacts, also you can get in touch with other bloggers. So far I found 2 cool new blogs, june cleaver nirvana-funny name eh?- and a mommy one called crystal and company, now I dont about you but I love to discover new things it makes me feel like christopher colombus, because even if you weren't the first one there you still feel pretty special. LOL.


  1. I'm glad you found my post interesting! I'm seriously totally excited about this website!

  2. haha yea i hope it actually works!