Monday, December 20, 2010

*x-mas wishlist*

rae morris book*sadly its on backorder at borders

occ lip tar box sets*limited edtion til the 31st!

makeup masters set* ;(cant get it sadly

occ cruelty free vegan brushes*you wont need   much else than these in your kit!

lastly the flip camera I've been wanting for a while now, the one one the left is the ultra hd and the one one the right is the mino hd, id like both! :)
        Merry X-mas! I hope you get what you wished for<3 xoxo,fizzy
                        feel free to share your wishlist or what you got in the comments below!


  1. Oooh the Flip camera looks so cool!

  2. I bet you'll have superflashy lips with these!
    Happy holiday!

  3. i hate how coffee tastes so i add nesquick and white chocolate and recently i tried nutella & its pretty good!, make sure you let it melt for a few seconds in the coffee cup before mixing it, its heaven lol